During my PhD studies, I was a teaching assistant at the University of Stirling for three semesters. I taught scriptwriting, digital media and an introduction course in film and media studies.

Since February 2018, I have been offering mostly German classes on a one-to-one basis (Skype, Zoom, etc) via a Japanese platform called Cafetalk. In those six years, I have given over 2,400 classes. At the moment, I have about 30 regular students, their age ranging from 9 to 85. In many cases, it is not so much teaching but accompanying, especially adults. The majority of adults have a good or very good knowledge and command of the German language, and need practice to keep their level. I’ve spoken and worked with translators, interpreters, PhD students, university professors, artists, and more. All conversations take place on a high level.

Other adults, mostly adults who arrived in Germany, Austria or Switzerland need to prepare for a language test, and I prepared people for A2, B1 and B2 exams in the past.

I also work with children, who struggle with their German.

For all of my students, I’m there not only as a teacher. I’m happy to give counselling if necessary. I will soon start training for the profession as counsellor.

My teaching is generally unconventional. It is laid-back, and not only focused on the language, but also on the person who is learning it.

If you’re interested in taking classes with me, please do get in touch via Email, or contact me on Cafetalk.