In the past, I had the opportunity to publish several articles and interviews on digital platforms, in festival catalogues and in promotional material for films. Below, you find a list of all publications with direct links where possible. All other texts are available on my blog The Art(s) of Slow Cinema.

If you’d like me to contribute to a catalogue, an online magazine, or a book, please get in touch with me directly.

October 2022
The Art(s) of Slow Cinema – The 10th Anniversary Anthology, 2012-2022. Self-published monograph. (en)

September 2022
Longing in times of social distancing. Meat. Limited edition, published by Saeed Taji Farouky.

February 2022
Slow Aesthetics – The Arts of Slow Cinema. Sharja: Rewayat Books. (ar)

November 2021
Contemplating post-1989 Slow Cinema. Porto: i2ads. (pt/en)

May 2021
Documentary Time with Zhang Mengqi. (forthcoming Spanish-language edited collection on Slow Cinema)

April 2021
Human Condition(s) – An aesthetic of cinematic slowness. Self-published monograph. (en)

April 2021
Present Tense – Time and Duration in Contemporary Contemplative Cinema. Curated programme on Canadian VoD service Highball TV.

February 2021
Journeys of the Soul – 20 Years of Experimental Society. Luminous Void: Experimental Film Society Documents. (en)

November 2020
Receiving Landscapes. 10th Anniversary of Daniel & Clara. (en)

November 2020
Where to begin with Roy Andersson. British Film Institute. (en)

October 2020
10 great slow films. British Film Institute. (en)

April 2020
The intimate world of Salvatore Insana. Hic Manebimus Optime – siamo qui per restare. Lyriks Exhibition Catalogue. (it/en)

March 2020
The screen experience. Moving Image Artists Issue 01. (en)

June 2019
Digital opportunities – In Dialogue with Filmexplorer. (en)

June 2019
#Crucial21DbW Oxhide II / Niupi er directed by Liu Jiayin
Contribution to collective blogging initiative “Directed By Women” (en)

February 2019
The camera as an ear – The long-form documentaries of Wang Bing. Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Programme Catalogue. (gr)

February 2019
Film as therapy – An interview with John Clang. Promotional material for John Clang’s feature film A Love Unknown (en)

December 2018
Film introduction of Zhengfan Yang’s Where are you going?, DVD Extra, Spectrum Films (fr)

July 2018
Aftermath aesthetics and the concentrationary universe in the films of Lav Diaz. Multiplot! Special Edition: Slow Cinema. Translated into Portuguese by Pedro Tavares. (pt)

October 2017 
The horrors of the unexplainable – On Kevin Pontuti’s Vanità
Essay on Kevin Pontuti’s short film Vanità. (en)

July 2017
“Sound and Silence in Lav Diaz’s Florentina Hubaldo, CTE (2012)” in Scars and Wounds: Film and legacies of trauma, ed. Amit Thakkar and Nick Hodgin (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) (en)

May 2017 
Of boredom, time and technology – Eduardo Williams’s The Human Surge, photogénie (en)

March 2017
“The end of national cinema?” Book review of Patrick C Campos’s “The end of national cinema – Filipino film at the turn of the century”, in Kritika Kultura (28). (en)

September 2016 
Lav Diaz: An Introduction / Lav Diaz: Un’introduzione, Lo Specchio Scuro (it)

January 2016 
Slow Burn – Nadin Mai interviews Lav Diaz, Guernica (en)

December 2015
“Future Leisure Time – The Rattle Snake”
Accompanying text for the film “Future Leisure Time” by Danji Buch-Moore, Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr (en)

June 2012 
“Rivalry on North Street, 1930-1931”, part of the project Cinema St. Andrews, the history of cinema in St. Andrews, the history of cinema through St. Andrews (en)